One Big Trip

It's What We Strive For

How can the limited time I have be put towards the one bit of freetime I get a year?

Often, All We Can Manage Is One Vacation A Year

This blog is dedicated to the idea of making the most out of your One Big Trip. Only about 55% of Americans take an extended vacation every year, and almost all bring work along with them to complete. Taking off time from work isn’t always ideal and the necessary realities of your career are baggage you carry no matter where your body is. It’s hard enough to find the time in your busy life to even have a life!

That’s why I wanted to make this blog. InfrequentFlyer firmly believes that anyone can take One Big Trip a year and not have it break the bank. Through credit cards, loyalty programs, deal hunting, and a bit of luck, you can actually go to the corners of the world you wish to visit without forcing you to take a part-time job when you return. It’s travel for the rest of us! Use your vacation days to actually vacation. Take your One Big Trip and remove yourself from the mundane.

Travel Is A Need, Not A Want

We have vacation days for a reason. Travel is something that we need to do in good times and in bad. How often do you find yourself booking a last minute flight to attend a funeral? Or saving up the money you need to attend your nephew’s graduation? Sometimes we have the freedom to choose any destination of our choice, but often life dictates where we must spend our precious resources. Either way, we need to connect with those we love and ourselves. Hopefully the tools and tips that you learn about here will make it easier to accomplish your travel needs.

Travel For The Rest Of Us

That’s our motto. You don’t need to be a globetrotter for work in order to be a master at traveling With a bit of research, creativity, and flexibility, you have no true limits to where you can go in the world. You don’t need a company paying you to fly in order to rack up a great deal of frequent flyer miles. You don’t need to spend 60 nights a year in hotel rooms to get status and decent treatment at a major chain. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to travel well. I hope that this blog helps you visit the destinations of your dreams as well as make your needed trips more enjoyable.