Why Is This Site Secure?

Like I mentioned previously, I’m a crazy techie through and through. One of the things that you may notice about this website that is different from some other travel blogs you visit is that you get a nice green padlock in your address bar when browsing around. In short, that means that you have a secure connection between your web browser and this website.

Now, we don’t do anything like take your credit card information on this site, so nothing sensitive is being sent between us. However, a secure internet is a better internet, and companies like Google understand that. Google values secure websites over insecure ones and having a secured website allows us to show up preferentially in search results. We allow our readers to log in and leave a comment on our posts without fear. With major security updates coming to Chrome and Firefox, we want to stay ahead of the pack and leave no lingering security concerns for our users.

It’s simply the right thing to do! Feel free to ask your nerdy questions below and read this post from Google for more information.


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